Beneficiary Organizations

This year, the Louisiana Winter Beer Festival will donate a portion of the proceeds from tickets sales to 3 different beneficiary organizations.

The amount received will be based on the number of volunteers that the organization provides to work at the event. Each volunteer will earn $100 toward the organization.

Learn more about the organizations and sign-up below.

The Lake Charles Civic Ballet

The mission of the civic ballet is to provide a complete theatre experience with an emphasis on classical dance training and performance in Louisiana, as a creative outlet for Louisiana choreographers, composers and artists, and as a means of building the audience for dance in our region.

 The Literacy Council of Southwest Louisiana

The Literacy Council provides programs for adults, children and families. Programs for adults include adult basic education, HiSET preparation, computer literacy, English as a second language, and workplace skills development. Programs for children include tutoring at partner sites, tutoring for middle and high school students at the Central School, and summer programs.

Healthier Southwest Louisiana

Healthier SWLA’s mission is to make Southwest Louisiana a healthier place to live by getting people to move more, eat better and smoke less. Right now our main focus is on influencing the built environment of communities to make it easier to move more throughout your daily life. That includes helping to build bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, increasing access to parks and green spaces, and making public transportation more readily accessible to more segments of the population.

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