Beneficiary Organization Application

This year, the Louisiana Winter Beer Festival will donate a portion of the proceeds from tickets sales to 3 different beneficiary organizations.

The amount received will be based on the number of volunteers that the organization provides to work at the event. Each volunteer will earn $100 toward the organization.

Learn more about the organizations and sign-up below.

  • Rules for Application and Participation

    • A charitable beneficiary will be chosen from each of the three categories: Health and Welfare, Community and Education, Arts and Humanities.
    • You must be able to guarantee a minimum of 50 volunteers from your organization to qualify.
    • Each organization will receive $100 per volunteer bounty, which will be paid out on or before March 20, 2017 as a check written to your organization for the total amount of volunteer bounties.
    • If we do not receive any applications from a category, or the sole applicant from a category is determined to be unfit to serve, more than one organization per category may be chosen by the board.
    • Beneficiary organizations will be chosen based on their ability to provide a reliable and responsible volunteer base as well as based on the suitability as determined by the discretion of the board.
    • Volunteers from each organization will be required to work a shift during the Beerfest on March 4, 2017 between Noon and 5pm. They will be either pouring beer, helping with logistics and food, or working the gate during the event.
    • All volunteers are required to sign-up online via the Beerfest Eventbrite ticket portal. They will receive a FREE volunteer ticket and will be able to designate the Charitable organization for which they are pouring when they sign-up.
    • Each organization must assign at least 1 volunteer organizer. This person will not receive a $100 bounty, but will be responsible for and accountable for the punctuality, attendance, and behavior of their volunteers. They will receive a roster of their volunteers as well as volunteer assignments and will assist the board volunteer director as needed.
    • Volunteers will not be allow to drink during the event. The beer fest board will have a volunteer director on duty the day of the event. If a volunteer is seen drinking during the event, they will forfeit their $100 volunteer bounty. Any volunteer behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate by the board - for instance distributing full beers rather than the ATC permitted 2 ounce pour - will be ejected and will forfeit their bounty.
    • Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age to participate.
  • By typing your name above, you agree to the rules and timeline.
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